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Shared Drives and Secure92 (and potentially other SVC network systems or apps) are intermittently unavailable on your SVC laptop when using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for off-campus connectivity.

Excluded: Remote Desktop users should not have this problem, as they are accessing their shared drives and secure92 on their office computer via Remote Desktop rather than directly on the remote laptop. That being said, you can and should use the below procedure if you first connect to the AnyConnect VPN before establishing remote desktop. 

Cisco AnyConnect Icon looks like this: 

Cisco Any Connect icon: a white circle with intertwined blue green ribbons.



VPN Users should use this procedure for logging into SVC Windows Laptops while off-campus. It details how to connect to AnyConnect before logging into the laptop. 

If you have not yet installed AnyConnect, first see the KB Article Virtual Private Network (VPN) Instructions for installing and initially connecting AnyConnect. 


Step by Step


  1. Sign out if you are currently logged in to your Windows Laptop. 
  2. Press Control+Alt+Delete at the Windows Log on Screen.
    1. Image of the windows log on screen asking your to press control and alt and delete on your keyboard to unlock the screen.
  3. Press the OK button at the "Information Technology, Skagit Valley College authorized use only" warning screen.
    1. Image of warning screen with the OK button.
  4. At the log on screen, click the network sign-in button to launch any connect
    1. Image of logon screen depicting the Network Sign-in button in the lower right hand side of the screen. The network-sign in button looks like two computer monitors, one half obscuring the other.
    2. If the network sign-in button is missing from your windows log on screen, please see the KB Article Virtual Private Network (VPN) Instructions for installing and initially connecting AnyConnect. 
  5. At the Cisco AnyConnect client, enter vpn.skagit.edu and press connect.
    1. Image of the cisco any connect client.
  6. Log In to AnyConnect with your RA account like TorsteinEarly.RA and it's password.
    1. Image of cisco any connect authentication dialog asking for username and password
    2. Click the OK button. AnyConnect will now establish a connection to the college network. This will provide you with network storage and other resources such as Secure92. 
  7. Log in to the SVC laptop with your SVC email address and password.
    1. Image of windows logon screen showing username and password fields.
  8. Once logged in you can work as necessary and connect to your Remote Desktop if you require it. 
  9. When you are finished working, please Sign Out of or Shut Down the laptop to ensure that each time you use the VPN you have a fresh connection. 
    1. This is important because the VPN connection will time out if you leave it connected. 



If you need assistance with this topic, please call the I.T. Helpdesk at 360-416-7766. 

For general comments on this knowledge-base write to Andy Heiser at andy.heiser@skagit.edu

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