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Use these procedures to download Microsoft Office


Are you a student?  Do you want to get Microsoft Office for your personal computer?  Read on!

All College-owned computers already have Microsoft Office, and most of our classes require it.  If you are not a student, this procedure will not work for you.

Download Office for free  (This is a read only version)

If you need to modify office documents, please contact the IT helpdesk at and we will update your license to modify.

Step One:  

Keep this webpage open, and use another window to open:   

Step Two:

Enter your MySVC username with instead of your regular MySVC email address.  How to do this:

  • Take your MySVC email address:
  • Remove and add
  • to get your Microsoft school address:

Next, you will be asked "Are you a student or a teacher?"  These instructions are specific to students; If you choose I'm a teacher", you're nearly done but these instructions won't be exactly accurate. 

If you choose "I'm a student" and your registration is complete, you will see a notice that  “You already have an account”.  This means your account is in good standing and your login is working correctly. Click on "Sign In".  This will take you to the login screen for Office 365.

Microsoft Login screen

If you have trouble with any step in these instructions, contact the IT Helpdesk.

Step Three:

Enter your login and current MySVC password to sign in.

Then you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click "Start".

Microsoft screenshot of "Almost there"

You will need to wait while 365 configures itself… Then you will see the screen where you can download and use your new software.

How long does the license last?

If you have applied for financial aid, your account is active through the rest of the financial aid year, which ends around April.

If you are not receiving financial aid, your account is deactivated a week after the end of the quarter if you are not enrolled in the upcoming quarter.

Deactivation means: This version of Office will no longer function, you will be given the option of buying your own 365 license or uninstalling the free version of Office.

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If you need assistance with this topic, please call the I.T. Helpdesk at 360-416-7766. 

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