Zoom Training Resources

Learn to Zoom! Training Webinar

·         Webinar Recording – a three hour recording of the Learn to Zoom! webinar held on Wednesday, 3/25

·         Learn to Zoom! Resources – a doc with extra Learn to Zoom! webinar resources

Other Zoom Resources

·         Zoom Help Center – text-based help sheets organized by topic that can answer many of your Zoom questions

·         Zoom Video Tutorials – a collection of Zoom tutorial videos

·         Live Zoom Training – registration for live training sessions by the folks at Zoom

·         Zoom Blog – a blog dedicated to all things Zoom

Must see “How-to” Videos

·         Scheduling a Meeting with Zoom Website

·         Join a Zoom Meeting

·         Joining & Configuring Audio

·         Joining & Configuring Video

·         Host and Co-Host Meeting Controls

·         Recording a Zoom Meeting

·         Sharing Your Screen

·         Scheduling a Meeting with Outlook

·         Breakout Rooms

·         Closed Captioning

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