SVC WiFi Networks and Parking Lot Coverage

WiFi Network Names (SSIDs):

  • MySVC:
    • Public/open network, insecure with risk of data snooping (use at your own risk)
    • For personal devices only: Do Not connect SVC Equipment.
  • Skagit:
    • SVC Equipment Only: Do Not connect personal devices.
    • Contact the IT Help Desk if your SVC device cannot connect to this SSID: 360-630-7766

Parking Lots with WiFi Access Points:

Make sure to scroll down to see the map for the parking lot you are interested in; the maps are in the following order.

  1. Norwood Cole Library (Parking Lot C2-3)
  2. Angst Hall (Parking Lot L1)
  3. Reeves Hall (Parking Lot L2)


Norwood Cole Parking Lot WiFi Graph.


Angst Hall Parking Lot Wifi



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