Set up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Setup Guide

All Office 365 accounts require a new security feature called Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA, MFA, or Multifactor Authentication). After entering your username and password there will be an additional step. A unique code will be sent to you and you'll use the code to login. You may choose from several 2FA methods to receive your code.

2FA Methods

We support the following methods for 2FA:

Authentication Phone Receive a code by text message.
Receive a code by voice call.
Mobile App (Android/Apple) Receive a notification and Approve or Deny.
Use a code from the app.
Authenticator Token (Key fob) Use a code from the token.

Getting Started

First, notify the IT Helpdesk that you would like to enable 2FA. The Helpdesk will coordinate with you when 2FA will be enabled on your account. You will be prompted to set up 2FA the next time you sign in to Office 365.

Logging in the First Time

After 2FA has been enabled by the Helpdesk, you will see a new message when you sign in. Now you can set up 2FA, receive a test code and log in.

1. Open a web browser and sign into Office 365


Enter your username and click Next. Enter your password and click Sign in.

2. More information required

This message appears the first time you set up 2FA. Click Next.

3. Choose your 2FA method of contact.

Here you can choose your 2FA method. Select the device you wish to use (phone, app, or token) then follow the prompts and pick the method of contact.

3a. Authentication Phone

If you pick Authentication Phone, enter the phone number and then select Text Message or Call. Click Next.

3b. Mobile App

If you pick Mobile App, choose to Receive Notifications or Use Code. Click Set up.

Install the "Microsoft Authenticator" mobile app on your phone and follow the steps in the next screen. Click Next.

3c. Authentication Token (key fob)

 If you wish to use an Authentication Token, you will need to obtain a Key Fob and assistance from the IT Helpdesk.

4. Testing your code

Check your device, you should receive a code or notification by the method you chose (phone or app). Enter the code and click Verify, then click Done.

5. Complete Sign in

You can choose to "Stay signed in" by clicking the box "Don't show this again" and then click Yes.

You are done!

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