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SVC now has the PaperCut pay-to-print system for student printing. PaperCut allows you to manage your print balance online and retrieve your print job from any PaperCut enabled printer.

Each student gets $5.00 of printing allocated to them each quarter (the standard cost per page is $.03 for black and white or $.13 per page for color).  To take advantage of your student print allocation, you will need to obtain and register a print key fob. Please follow the below walkthroughs to print at SVC Student Printers.

In order to follow these instructons, the student will need to have their MYSVC account information.

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Activating your Printing Key Fob

  1. Pick up an Easy Print token at Cole Library Circulation Desk or IT Helpdesk (S on the Mount Vernon campus map) or the SVC library in Hayes Hall on the Whidbey Island Campus
  2. Register your Easy Print Token at a Ricoh Copier or Paper Cut Kiosk

Norwood Cole Library, Library Student Computer Lab

Device Type: RICOH Multifunction Copier PaperCut Kiosk Computer
Mount Vernon Campus: Norwood Cole Library, Student Computer Lab

Lewis Hall 221 (Math Studio)

Norwood Cole Library, Entry Lobby Window
Whidbey Island Campus Hayes Hall, SVC Library Hayes Hall, SVC Library
  1. Tap your token on the reader
  2. Enter your SVC username and password to link your account to the token
    1. to do special characters on the keyboard, press the shift key, do NOT use the keypad
  3. You are all set! You will only need to do this once per token. 
    1. If you lose your token, please come to the IT Help Desk or Library for replacement. 
    2. Each student is allowed 1 free replacement token.  



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Printing and Retrieving your Print Job

  1. On a Student Computer, when printing your document, print to the following printers:
    1. Mount Vernon Campus: MVCStudentPrinters
    2. Whidbey Island Campus: WICStudentPrinters
  2. After you send the print job, the job will be held in the print queue until you tap your printer key fob on a fob reader attached to a printer at one of these locations.
Mount Vernon Campus Student Printers Whidbey Island Campus Student Printers

Angst Hall Rooms: A137, A146, A203, A229

 Knutzen Cardinal Center Room C50

 Ford Hall Rooms F110, F112, F212

 Lewis Hall Rooms L125, L130, L203, L221, 330

 Norwood Cole Library, Library Student Computer Lab  (S105)

 Oak Hall Rooms: A115, A227

 Old Main Rooms: B116, B125

 Hayes Hall Rooms: H100, H123


  1. Tap your Token on the Reader OR enter your MYSVC username and password


  1. Touch Print Release



  1. Select the individual print job you would like to release or select print all to print all documents in your queue.



  1. Print or Cancel the selected jobs



  1. Log Off when finished



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Viewing Account Balance and Adding Credit

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Log in with your SVC email address and password
  3. Click the Add Credit link on the left of the web page
  4. Select an amount to add
  5. Click the Add value button



  1. You will be taken to a secure credit card payment screen. Enter your information and select the Pay button. 



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SVC Employee's Printing to Student Printers

  1. Follow the steps above at Activating your Printing Key Fob
    1. Use your employee email account to register.
  2. Print following the steps above at  Printing and Retrieving your Print Job.
    1. If the printer is not listed on the Instructor Podium you are using, then copy and paste the following into the computer Start Menu, Run Dialog, or File Explorer Address Bar to connect the printer:
      1. Whidbey Island Campus:
        1. \\\WICStudentPrinters
      2. Mount Vernon Campus:
        1. \\\MVCStudentPrinters



  1. Once you enter the path to the printer, press enter of click the Open button
  2. The printer is now connected on that computer for your user account. 



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Print Job Failed: Getting Reimbursed 


Please complete this form to request a reimbursement: Service - Pay4Print Job Failed and St... (


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