How to order supplies on the order account for All Networked Printers.

Browse to and click on “Register New User” or log in.

Use your and your password.



EID = Equipment Identification

Go to the “Equipment: Service & Supplies” tab and enter the device EID # (on the Ricoh label above the bar code) in the text box, click on “Find Equipment”.

When your device shows up, click on the Add button and it will add this to your list.

When it asks if you need to submit meter reads for this printer, choose no, then click on the blue button “Add without meter responsibility” button. This doesn’t look like a regular button to click on but it is.


Now, click on the “Store” button on the top menu and click the down arrow to find your device.

A list of items will display. Choose what supplies you need, toner, they suggest ordering 2 at a time.

Enter 2 and then scroll down to click on the Green button “Add to Cart” follow the rest of the instructions as needed.


The nice thing is, this item will remain in your list so you will only need to log in and choose your equipment from the drop-down list on your future visits.


If you need to have your printer or copier serviced, you can either call the number on the label that we have placed on your device or chose “Need Service” and create a work order ticket directly to Ricoh.  For all devices on the contract, there is a number above the barcode that you will use to identify your specific printer. This is how you will request technical support from them. Explain the issue and put a sign on the printer that support has been called with your name and date/time.

This support includes paper jams, if it is easily removed please do so carefully. If it starts to rip, stop and call for support.


Of course, there is a twist. If you have an actual Ricoh copier, they are on a different contract.

When you go to order supplies you need to choose which Business Organization # you need to use for that machine.

Skagit Valley College – 9401027 is for all Ricoh brand copiers.

Skagit Valley College – 9443180 is for HP and other brands with Ricoh labels.


As always, contact the or call x7766 for any assistance with your ordering needs.



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