Add, Edit, and Live Video Captions


Panopto and YouTube support automated captions, but those captions will never be 100% accurate. You will need to manually edit machine-generated captions to fix the problem spots rather than typing the entire text, and make sure the captioning is in sync with the audio.

Zoom is an alternative and acceptable option for live captioning, however, be aware that the live captioning may not be 100% accurate. Having an outline of your presentation and speaking slowly and accurately will greatly increase the accuracy of the live captioning (transcript).

Step-by steps instructions:


  • You are invited to submit video captioning requests to the eLearning team, The requirement is that the videos you want us to caption will be used at least 3 in different quarters. Your videos will also be hosted in your course's Panopto account.
  • We (eLearning Team and IT Staff) are not able to help edit captions in your YouTube videos because we don’t have editing permission on your YouTube chanel. The alternative solution is to download your YouTube video and upload it to Panopto where we have editing permissions. We can help you with this process.

For further assistance submit a "Help Request" 


Tips to consider before you start recording your lecture. These tips will reduce frustration and the outcome will be good videos your students will appreciate. 

  • Length: Shorter videos are better. Less than 10 minutes is optimum, no longer than 15 minutes when possible. If you must use a longer video, break it up into smaller, standalone chunks.
  • Writing: Write a script or at least an outline when possible. Use short sentences. Don't read on-screen text. Students cannot absorb both the spoken word and on-screen text. Use visuals and explain the image.
  • Recording:  Rehearse and practice before you record when possible. Avoid exterior noise, pop-ups on your computer screen, etc. (show only what you want your students to see). When recording with a webcam, use a front light so your face is illuminated. If you make a mistake or stumble over words, let the recording continue, pause for few seconds, then pick up again where you left off. You can edit out the bad portions later.



Submit a Help Request for additional assistance.

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