Student Course Questionnaires

Student Course Questionnaires

  • Beginning  winter 2021, automated stud​ent questionnaires will be administered every quarter (excluding summer) and for every class taught (per Article 8.5.1 of the faculty contract).
  • If you want to opt out of the course questionnaires, complete the OPT-OUT form during the first 30 days of fall quarter or the first 30 days of the next quarter taught if not teaching fall quarter. OPT-OUT requests must be renewed annually.
  • Student questionnaires will be available to students at the end of week 8 and conclude before finals week. 
  • Optional summer quarter student questionnaires will be available to students at the end of week 7 and conclude before finals week. 
  • Note that summer participation is entirely optional. You will have to complete the  Summer OPT-IN Form if you want students to complete questionnaires​ for your courses in the summer quarter. 
  • Student Questionnaire Fo​rms 
  • Summer OPT-IN Form 

Access to your course questionnaire report:

  • Go to your course and look for the link "Course Questionnaire" located on the left navigation. The link will take you to the list of available questionnaire reports you can download and look at.
  • Faculty will have access to their reports 7 days after questionnaires close. (Faculty will receive an email notification) 


  • Your students will receive an email when Course Questionnaires are open.
  • The email will contain links to the questionnaire for courses they are enrolled in. Questionnaires are also accessible in their Canvas courses.
  • Students will have the option to opt-out if they prefer to.


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