Making a Course Accessible

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Canvas courses have Ally, the app that checks for accessibility issues in files you upload to your course (PDFs, images, MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). It scans those files, generates a report, and provides suggestions on how to fix accessibility issues.

Recent enhancements to the Ally app makes the accessibility report link appear in the course left navigation (just above course settings). The report provides you a comprehensive summary of accessibility issues for the entire collection of files stored in your course. For example, it provides you the overall accessibility score of your course, amount of files by type, and a list of all the files along with the accessibility score for each one of them.


  1. Ally does not check the accessibility of Canvas content (pages) you create within the "Rich Content Editor".  Please use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor" to make your course fully accessible.
  2. If your course has files that you do not use, please consider deleting or removing them from the course so that you do not have to fix accessibility issues. The eLearning Team can always create a development shell you can use to store content or files as needed.
  3. If you have images with readable text, you will need to add alternative text. Make sure to use, in the alt text, the keywords within the image text and as much detailed description as you can.


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