Link/Unlink Canvas Course

For instructors to request to link or unlink a canvas shell.

  • Use this option if you want to link multiple class sections into one Canvas shell (master section). That is, you add and manage course content and students from both sections in the master shell.
  • Consider FERPA guidelines before requesting to link courses.
  • After requesting to link courses, the change will take effect in less than 1 hour. A notification will go to all instructors associated with linked courses.
  • If you decide to unlink your courses, submit a request and the eLearning staff will unlink them for you.
  • Keep in mind that if you unlink your courses, the content will remain in the master course. The course content from the master course will need to be copied into the sections that were unlinked. Class activities (grades, assignments, discussions, etc.) will not follow students to the unlinked course.

Video (3 minutes) step by step instructions for linking courses 

PDF step by step instructions for linking courses.

Submit a Help Request for additional assistance.


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