Request a change that requires approval or work from another department.

See also the How-To's category for changes you can make yourself like changing a password and connecting to a network printer.

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For instructor service requests related to Canvas.

Services (13)

CDE Add/Change Request

Request a change to the Credit/Debit Card Holder Data Environment (CDE) such as moving/adding/removing a register or computer that processes credit cards.

Change Skagit Account Username/Email Address

Request a change to your Skagit Account Username and Email Address.

Core Router Add/Change Request

Request Network Changes on the Core Router.

Firewall Add/Change Request

Request a Firewall Exception to Allow Software to Communicate with the SVC Network.

Network Add/Change Request

Use this service to request changes the network such as activating a network jack or changing a subnet.

Request Access to Department Network Drive

Use this service to request access to a department network drive.

Request Change To Website

Submit a request for a change to the website.

Request Computer Move

Use this service to schedule a computer move with IT

Request New Secure92 Account

Request a Secure92 account for an employee.

Request New WCTCS Web Apps Account

Use this service to request a new WCTCS Web Apps account for access to Degree Audit(Progress Tracker), FAM, and One Lookup.

Request Respondus LockDown Browser for Secure Testing

Instructors can request this service to (Key in your audience here; indicate instructor interest right away to differentiate this service from the student service.)

Software Request

Request software to be purchased and/or installed in your office, classroom, or computer lab.

VPN and RDP: Using your computer from off-campus

For Supervisors to request Remote Access on behalf of their employees.