VPN and RDP: Using your computer from off-campus

The IT department offers two ways for you to work from off-campus locations. 

Both VPN and RDP give you access to the U drive, SMS, FMS, PPS, FAMS, etc, resources usually available only from on campus.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a configuration on your SVC laptop so you have enhanced access from off-campus. 
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a configuration on non-SVC computers so you can access a SVC on-campus computer. 


To use either VPN or RDP, a user needs:

  1. Supervisor approval.  Supervisors must request this service for their employees.
  2. Supervisors are responsible for the security of the data involved.  IT will provide the tools, but the supervisor and the user are responsible for preventing a data breach.
  3. Supervisors are responsible for making sure that employees using this service have received appropriate education and training on applicable departmental policies.
  4. Users need training and consultation from an I.T. technician, including data security training.
  5. Users need to sign a data security agreement on file with I.T.
  6. Users need to maintain the physical security of their system.  See articles on RDP and VPN.

Service Agreement:

The I.T. Department will provide support and consultation during normal work hours.

If a remote system is discovered to be out of compliance with this policy, the user’s remote access to the SVC Network will be suspended and both the employee’s Supervisor and the IT Security Officer will be notified.

How to request.

Please use the request button on this page to request this service for one of your employees.  If you want this service for yourself, please ask your supervisor to request it for you.

Service Owner and other contacts

This service is managed by Al Willis.  Please contact the Helpdesk for support and more information. 

Links to the Knowledgebase:

  1. See Article with a link to step by step configuration screenshots.
  2. See Article on Working From Home
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