Student Canvas Course Missing

How to locate a missing Canvas course:

Some instructors do not make their courses available to students until the first day of the term (quarter). Other instructors don't even use Canvas. 
How to view a list of all of your courses.

  1. Login into Canvas
  2. Click on the Courses link on the left navigation
  3. Click on All Courses
  4. Check the list for the course that is missing.
    • If the course is listed, verify if the course is published by checking the far right column for a Yes or No
    • If the course is listed, but Not published, then the instructor has not allowed access to the course for any student. We recommend emailing your instructor to inform them the course is unavailable.
    • If the course is not listed in your Canvas account, check your course schedule to verify that you are enrolled in the missing courses.
      • If it doesn't show on your schedule, contact Registration for assistance (360-416-7700, email:
      • If it shows on your schedule, but it doesn't show in Canvas, submit a request for assistance. 

Submit a Help Request for additional assistance.


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