Setting Up AVAYA IX Workplace

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  1. Contact the Help Desk to have your account enabled for IX use
  2. Connect to the Cisco Anywhere VPN

  3. In the menu under Avaya, Select Avaya IX Workplace:

  4. Select Configure my account

  5. Click the gear and select “Use web address”

  6. Enter one of the following URLs based on your location and phone setting and click “Next”:
    1. Skagit Primary:
      1. MV Users with VoIP phones (new black phones)
    2. MT Vernon IP500:
      1. MV Users with Digital 2420 phones (grey phones)
    3. Oak Harbor IP500:
    4. San Juan IP500:

  7. Log in using your phone extension and the password created for you by IT, or the password you created then click “Next”:

  8. Review the “Top of Mind” for any error icons. You may see a red or yellow triangle.  Look for the status icon in the top right corner, it is a circle around the letter "i".
    1. Yellow is OK, and can mean a number of things, such as you are not connected to Outlook so your calendar is not loading. When you have a yellow triangle, you should still be able to receive and place calls.
    2. Red means you are not connected to the phone system, and you will not be able to receive or place calls.  Double-check password, double-check VPN.
    3. Click on the triangle to find out the issue, and follow troubleshooting steps Avaya IX Workplace provides. If you are unable to connect after troubleshooting, contact the IT Helpdesk for support.


      Click the audio/video settings button in the lower right corner (Mic/camera icon)

      Select audio devices and adjust volume.


Click the Dial Pad button (number pad icon)

Enter the number you want to call

Click the Call button (phone icon)

9. IX Workplace will try to integrate with your e-mail, check Allow access for and select 10 miniutes, CLick Allow.


10. You may also see a popup requesting access to Microsoft Networks.  An Administrator may need to assist with permissions.


After you log into Avaya IX Workplace successfully the first time, the application will auto-start each time you start your computer. Just remember, you need to be connect to VPN for Avaya IX Workplace to work.


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