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Avaya IX Workplace Overview

Avaya IX Workplace is a desktop application that is connected to your office phone. This software, also known as a Soft Phone, gives you the ability to answer and place calls real-time from home as if you were sitting on campus in your office!

Important Note: In order for this product to work, you must have a VPN connection and be logged into the VPN connection at all times. If you are a RDP user, you can still use the Soft Phones by connecting to the VPN first, then to your RDP. Contact IT Helpdesk for support in setting up your connection.

Accessing Avaya IX Workplace for the first time

Prior assumptions:

  • IT has created an Avaya Account connected to your office phone;
  • You have an SVC laptop or computer remotely;
  • Avaya IX Workplace is installed on your machine;
  • You have a VPN connection.

If you do not meet these assumptions, please connect with your direct supervisor on next steps.

To access Avaya IX Workplace for the first time, you need to set up your account.  Here are the instructions.

Tour of Avaya IX Workplace

Visual interface of the soft phone with arrows and labels

Logging into Hunt Groups


A Hunt Group is a collection of users handling similar types of calls, e.g. a sales department. An incoming caller wishing to speak to Sales can ring one number but the call can be answered by any number of extensions that are members of the Hunt Group.

Night Service provides optional after-hours operation that can be programmed in combination with the following features:

  • Night Service with Group Assignment
  • Night Service with Outward Restriction
  • Night Service with Time Set
  • Night Service with Coverage Control

Prior assumptions:

  • Your office extension is already associated with an active “hunt group”.
  • Night Service is not active  

If you do not meet these assumptions, please connect with your direct supervisor on next steps.

After you have logged into the Avaya IX Workplace, you must enable the hunt group that you want to answer calls for.

  1. Navigate to the “Feature Manager” located in the bottom right corner of the Avaya IX Workplace interface.

  2. By clicking the Feature Manager Icon (highlighted above) a new box will appear:

  3. In this example, the employee has the ability to log into two different hunt groups, Enrollment Serv and/or ES Spanish. Each users account may look different.
  4. By default, the hunt groups as disabled. To enable, simply click the checkbox next to the hunt group you wish to turn on.
  5. The disabled status will switch to enabled when you are successfully logged into the hunt group.
  6. Remember - you must log out of the hunt group when you cannot take calls such as your break, lunches and during meetings. When you can receive calls again, you must manually log back in.
  7. Complete!

Answering Incoming Calls

Answering calls on your soft phone is simple!

  1. You will receive a notification at the bottom of the Avaya IX Workplace.

  2. Click the green phone icon to answer the call.
  3. You may also receive a desktop notification regarding the call, and can answer directly from the notification:

  4. Once you answer, you will have additional options and information regarding the call.

  5. Call features:


Other notes:

  • You cannot use ZOOM and answer a call at the same time. Your computer is accessing only one microphone, and ZOOM will take over the mic.
  • Check your volume settings, including your computer settings. It is a good idea to do a test call in the morning to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • You can transfer calls within SVC by using the 4-digit extension. Warning – during remote operations, not all departments or staff have the ability to answer a live phone. It is a good idea to warn the caller before you transfer that they may need to leave a voicemail, or send an email instead.

Placing Outgoing Calls

  1. Navigate to the dial pad, use the search bar or click “New Conversation” – (search bar seems to be the quickest option).
  2. SVC Mount Vernon or Whidbey Island Campus calls – dial the 4-digit extension.
    1. Press enter on your keyboard or click the phone icon.

  3. Local calls – dial the phone number including the area code.
    1. Press enter on your keyboard or click the phone icon.

  4. Long distance calls – dial 1, then the phone number with the area code.
    1. Press enter on your keyboard or click the phone icon.

  5. Once the call begins, you will hear a dial tone to add your long distance code.
  6. Click on the dial pad next to the search bar and dial your long distance code (you can use your keypad for this). You should hear the numbers being “pressed”.

  7. You do not need to press any other keys once you have add your long distance code; the call should go through as normal.
  8. Complete!

Other features


When logged into Avaya IX Workplace, you will have a “presence”. You can see this below based on the green or grey icons and the status under each person’s name.

You can set your presence by clicking on your icon at the top:

Available presences:

You can also add a comment in the blue status bar, such as Lunch 12-1pm so others know why you are away:


Creating a “favorites list” is a great way to access colleagues quickly and view the presence in one place. You can access your favorites by clicking the “Star” at the top of Avaya IX Workplace.


To add someone to your favorites, first find their contact record.

  1. You can search their name in the search bar, or find their record in your history of calls.

  2. Navigate to the contact and click “More Options” represented by the “” icon.
  3. Click “Open Contact Details”.

  4. Click the star to add the contact to your favorites!


Related Info

Huge thank you to Kayla Scammon for this article!  If you need assistance with this topic, please call the I.T. Helpdesk at 360-416-7766. 

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