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What Panopto is and how to use it.

  • Panopto is a Canvas application that allows you to record and track who is watching those recordings. More students are asking for recorded class materials because of the value it adds to the course. Recorded materials can be viewed from any location, at any time, allowing students to revisit difficult subjects or catch up on topics they missed due to illness or other circumstances.

How to access Panopto

  • Faculty access Panopto through Canvas.  Go to one of your Canvas courses and select the Panopto Recordings option in the left navigation pane. If the Panopto Recordings link is not visible you will need to manage your course navigation list to make it visible.

Make a Panopto recording

  • Recording class materials can significantly increase student efficiency and learning by allowing them to access instructional content from any location and at any time. They can go over concepts multiple times and learn at their own pace. Canvas and Panopto are well-integrated software that allow you to record videos and screen captures. Watch a short video​ (2 min, 45 second) first look at that software and some of its basic features.

"Record a New Session" vs "Panopto Capture"

  • "Panopto Capture" allows a user to easily record audio, video, and entire screens or application windows. A user can access Panopto Capture from directly within their browser, and no download is required. Step by step instructions on how to use Panopto Capture. Panopto "Record a New Session" requires that a Panopto recorder application is downloaded on your computer/device.

How to embed a Panopto video to an assignment description.

  • One thing you can do to free up class time is to put detailed instructions and sometimes an overview video onto the Canvas assignments themselves. It keeps instructor from having to explain the assignment in class and also reduces the number of emails you get from students about how to complete the assignment. This video (1 min, 47 sec) shows how to edit assignment descriptions and embed Panopto videos in them. 

Adding a quiz to an existing Panopto video

Adjust sharing settings of Panopto recordings: 

  • If you've spent time creating a library of Panopto videos, you may find yourself wanting to give access to different groups of people. You might also want to organize them into folders. This video (1 min, 53 sec) shows how to adjust the sharing settings for your Panopto videos and how to create folders. This video (1 min, 16 sec) shows how to copy or move videos from one folder to another. 

Allow students to download Panopto recordings: 

  • Sometimes students need to download your class Panopto recordings, so they can listen or watch them offline. Before students can download those recordings, the instructor has to change the settings of the recording to allow them to download it. Step by step instructions to change the recording settings.​

What to do if your recording is "offline":

  • Access any class in Canvas
  • Click on Panopto Recordings in the left navigation 
  • Click the create button
  • Click Record new session
  • Do not open Panopto Instead close the pop-up 
    • Click download-This will update Panopto.
    • Follow on the screen instructions to complete Panopto installation.



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